Host your birthday party at EMR Paintball park! Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like splattering friends and family with blue paintballs!

All Birthday parties will now be using Low Impact 50 Caliber Paintballs. Now accepting players as young as 7 years old.

Birthday Player must be between the ages of 7 and 17 and need a minimum of 10 Players for the group which may be a mix of adults and young players.

We recommend that Birthday groups show up 15 minutes before start time to get checked in. We recommend reserving two weeks in advance with a $299.00 deposit.

Want to book a birthday party using 68 caliber paintball equipment? Call or email us today. All participants must be age 15 or older.


PRIVATE GROUP PRICING, PLAY TIME, AND DETAILS APPLY! We do not book Birthday Groups for Night Play.

Private Group Paintball Pricing:

$9.95 for 100 balls
$29.95 for 500 balls
$49.95 for 1000 balls -1/2 case
$84.95 for 2000 balls – case
$79.95 per case for 5 cases+ (10,000 + paintballs)
$74.95 per case for 10 cases+ (24,000+ paintballs)



2 hours of game play
Start time: 11 AM or 2 PM

3000 Paintballs
Tippmann Semi-Auto Markers
Compressed Air
Assorted Bags of Snacks
One 12oz soda or 16oz water
per player



About Us


EMR Event Park is an 122 Acre Family Owned Facility that offers Paintball, Airsoft, LARP, RC Racing, Obstacle/Mud Runs, and Magfed Events. With 35 Bunkhouses, 106 Campsites, Rec. Center, Picnic Pavilion, 3 Castles, 2 Towns, and a variety of Terrain, EMR is also available to rent for your Own Event.

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5700 Wolf’s Lair Road
New Milford, PA 18834

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