Come run the “VALHALLA CHALLENGE” Obstacle and Mud Run over 5K of Varied Terrain ranging from Flat to 45 Degree Slopes at EMR EVENT PARK.  This isn’t just another Run with Manmade Obstacles thrown up on level or rolling land.  This is a 5k Viking Training Course that has over 20 Natural and Manmade Obstacles throughout several types of wooded terrain, open fields, and a run through CASTLE THOR and LOKI TOWN.  This is a Great Challenge for Individuals, Teams, Corporate Groups, and Families!  Come FLIRT, PILLAGE, and PLUNDER with the EMR Warriors. We have two event dates for 2017: May 27th and September 2.

For more info or to Register for the May 27th Mud Run click here: Valhalla Challenge

For more info or to Register for the September 2 Mud Run click here: Valhalla Challenge 2

Valhalla Challenge Map: 

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EMR Event Park is an 122 Acre Family Owned Facility that offers Paintball, Airsoft, LARP, RC Racing, Obstacle/Mud Runs, and Magfed Events. With 35 Bunkhouses, 106 Campsites, Rec. Center, Picnic Pavilion, 3 Castles, 2 Towns, and a variety of Terrain, EMR is also available to rent for your Own Event.

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577 Wolf’s Lair RoadNew Milford, PA 18834

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