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JULY 21/22/23, 2017

In a World where Control & Chaos are one and the same, Two Armies fight to keep the Power. The Local Tribesmen from the Region fight to keep the land that has been theirs for Generations. The Outsiders, Invaders, want the rich countryside for their own, recognizing the value of the land and the resources that it provides. ONLY ONE SIDE can be VICTORIOUS, so the Fight is On! Will New Weaponry change the tide of the War?

BATTLEFIELD PENNSYLVANIA is a flag-control domination game with missions and props. We take fetures from Scenario and MILSIM and combine them with Video Game Formats to bring a Unique and Fun Challenge for MAGFED!

After the Event Play each day, ENJOY EMR’s OTHER AMENITIES such as Music, Outdoor Volleyball, Horseshoes, Cornhole, Kan Jam, Bocce Balls, and the traditional Bon Fire plus Ping Pong, Beer Pong, Foosball, and Cards upstairs in our full Rec. Center. Our On-Site RC Track will also be open Both Friday and Saturday Evenings for Racing under the Lights. The EMR Store now Carries ICE, FIREWOOD, CAMPING SUPPLIES, and SPORT SMOKE along with Food, Snacks, Beverages, and Paintball/Airsoft Equipment!


Entry for this exciting MAGFED ONLY Weekend is only $60 and FIRST STRIKE ROUNDS are only $85 per Case of 250 and VALKEN Field Protected Graffiti New World Paintballs are only $20.00 Per Bag/500 and $65 per case/2000 if Pre-paid by 7/7/17 and includes the entire 3-Day Weekend of Play, Bulk CO2 & C/A, Player’s Party, Prize Giveaways, and the traditional Bon Fire. Pre-Register by 6/23/17 and get in the EARLYBIRD DRAWING for a Brand New ECLIPSE 10’ x 10’ TENT w WALLS. Price at the event is $75 for Entry and $25 per Bag/500 and $75 per Case/2000 of Paint. FIRST STRIKE ROUNDS will only be available for Purchase by Pre-regging! EMR is a Field Only Paint Facility!

Event Schedule


1600 – Check in/Registration/Paint Sales open
1600 – Compressed Air/CO2 and Chrono (275fps) open
2000 – Commanders Meeting at the store
2200 – All Event Services closed
2400 – Recreation Center Closes
All Generators in Campground must be turned off and no Loud Noise Tolerated


0800 – Check in/Registration/Paint Sales open
0800 – Compressed AirCO2 and Chrono (275fps) open
1030 – Mandatory Safety Brief
1800 – Dinner Break
1830 – Chrono for night play (250fps)
2000 – NIGHT PLAY Begins
2200 – All Event Services closed
2300 – Night Play Ends
2400 – Recreation Center Closes
All Generators in Campground must be turned off and no Loud Noise Tolerated


0700 – Check in/Registration/Paint Sales open
0700 – Compressed AirCO2 and Chrono (275fps) open
0900 – GAME PLAY Begins
1430 – Closing Ceremonies
1700 – All Event Services closed


BUNKHOUSE Lodging costs $10 Per Person for the Entire Event and should be reserved in advance with Pre-Registration to guarantee a spot. To reserve Your Own Private Bunkhouse for the Entire Event, you need to pre-register at least 15 players and pre-pay a $150 deposit, of which $50 will be refunded within ten days after the event is over via Paypal after being checked by an EMR employee for Damage, Graffiti, and Cleanliness before you depart. THE INSPECTION MUST BE DONE BEFORE LEAVING THE EMR FACILITY FOR YOU TO RECEIVE YOUR DEPOSIT BACK. If you have less than 15 players, you will be assigned to a bunkhouse and may have to share it with other players.  Walk-on players are not guaranteed spots in bunkhouses or campsites.

Each Bunkhouse is 15’ x 30’ with 8’ high ceilings and they have twenty-one 32” x 81” Wooden Bunks that are stacked three high along the walls. There are two windows for ventilation and lights in the ceiling. Most of them have one electrical outlet that is Strictly for charging Phones, Batteries, or running Sleep Machines. No Electric Fans, Coffee Makers, Heaters, etc. are allowed. We recommend bringing Sleeping Bags, Pillows, and Air Mattresses/Sleeping Pad for your stay and if it is cold, a Propane or Kerosene Indoor Heater. No Fires are allowed within 10’ of any Bunkhouse and must be contained in a Raised, Completely Covered, Fire-Pit sitting Only On Dirt or Stone, not a deck.

NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON EMR FACILITY due to Insurance Regulations!

CAMPSITES for Tents and Campers are 20’ x 20’ and Cost $10 Per Campsite for the Entire Event.  More than one site may be reserved at $10 Per Site, however there must be at least two players camping per site.

RV SITES are 20’ x 40’ and Cost $20 Per Site for the Entire Event, however there are no water or electric hook-ups for the RVs. You must notify us if you wish to run a Generator past midnight and you will be assigned a spot apart from the Campgrounds.

All Campsites/RV Sites should be Left Clean with no Trash, Metal, or Glass left on the site including in the Fire Ring. ALL DISPOSABLE PROPANE TANKS SHOULD BE PLACED IN SPECIFIED CANS! Please put all Glass and Metal in White Trashbags and all Paper, Plastic, and foodstuffs in Black Trashbags! You can pick up these FREE bags at the Store in the Rec. Center and full bags should be left beside the road at the front of your Campsite/RV Site when leaving. If a Campsite/RV Site is not left in a clean condition, Your Name and Team will be noted and you will not be allowed to reserve Campsite/RV Sites in the Future. Please respect our Facility and the Other Players.

All Fires must be contained within a Fire Ring. There are several Fire Rings at the Campsites and are on a first grab, first get basis, so you might want to bring your own. Firewood and Ice are sold in the EMR Store.

There is running water with Hoses at various locations throughout the Event Park, a Triple Sink by the Picnic Pavilion, Equipment Cleaning Station, Water Mister for Cooling Off, Four Cold Water Showers for Rinsing Off, and Porta-Johns for Toilets.

Any Teams or Groups of Players that would like to Rent Their Own Porta-John for the Weekend, can reserve it by calling Yvonne at Suburban Septic at (888) 775-3693 or (607) 775-3693. You should bring your own padlock if you wish to lock it.

For Hot Showers there is a Flying J Truck Stop one exit below our exit on Rt. 81 that offers Shower Facilities and a Dinner Buffet.

Players that are staying overnight are welcome to arrive anytime on Friday of the Event Weekend and stay until that Sunday Evening of the Event Weekend.

NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON EMR FACILITY due to Insurance Regulations!


All EMR field rules are in effect for the game

No pets are allowed due to the fact that no insurance company covers the liability. Although we are sure you have “the nicest puppy in the world” we cannot risk our business and livelihood for your dog, nor can the host field. Although not intended as a double – standard, most commercial insurance covers animals belonging to the field owner, so you may see their pets at an event.


Adults of legal drinking age that are playing are allowed to consume Alcoholic Beverages up to 12am Saturday morning and on Saturday Evening from Game Stand-Down until 12am Sunday morning. Anyone that is playing evening play Saturday Night may not consume Alcoholic Beverages until they are totally done playing Saturday Night. From 12am Saturday and Sunday consumption of alcohol is prohibited until after the end of play each day.

All cans or bottles must be in a “Koozie” or other container cover. This is solely in the interest of not flaunting the consumption of alcohol in pictures or to patrons. Any consumption of alcohol by anyone that is playing between 12am Saturday and end of play on Saturday and between 12am Sunday and 2pm Sunday will be considered grounds for immediate ejection from the property with no refund. Any consumption of alcohol by minors, or providing alcohol to minors, will be grounds for immediate ejection from the property with no refund, and the local authorities will be alerted.



When you check in you will receive a packet with a Player Badge. DO NOT LOSE IT. They will not be replaced for any reason and you cannot play without them! If you find one you must turn it in at Central Command immediately. Use of a found badge to gain access to the enemy HQ, or acquire armband tape, is strictly prohibited. This includes one that has been falsified, lost, misplaced, or given to you freely. The only exception would be a “spy” designated by the event director.


This will be provided by your commander or one of his officers, not by the event staff. Commanders will supply tape for both arms or both sides of the mask with their team color so as to allow their own players to identify them. You may also lie all you want with regard to your team affiliation. After all this is a roleplaying game.
You are not required to wear your team color armband/mask tape. The team color is not intended to show you whom to shoot; it is designed to assist your teammates in knowing whom not to shoot! Intentionally providing armband tape to the enemy for malicious purposes is prohibited.


The only legal way to acquire armband tape is from a legal member of that team that was placed on that side by the event staff. It is legal to verbally mislead the enemy to gain armband tape. Intentionally providing armband tape to the enemy for malicious purposes is prohibited. If you manage to legally acquire enemy armband tape you must still insert at your own hospital. Anyone who legally acquires enemy armband tape must report to the scenario director, in person, as quickly as possible for a special briefing.


Any commercially produced, commonly available .68 caliber MAGFED Paintball Marker may be used. Any marker that can be adjusted on the field, without tools, is required to have a locking device to prevent this from being possible. During daytime segments all markers are limited to 275 feet per second. During nighttime segments all markers must be set below 250 feet per second.

Permitted Markers and associated gear:
For BATTLEFIELD Pennsylvania, only MAGAZINE FED markers are permitted.


Pods are prohibited with the following exception:
“Heavy-Gunners” may carry ONE pod that can hold no more than 140 rounds for reloading. All other markers must be fed via a magazine that is inserted into the bottom of the marker unless otherwise cleared by the Event Director.


You must have a “barrel sock” for covering the end of your barrel in all non-play areas. Barrel plugs are not acceptable with the exception of the orange Tippmann pistol plug with attached bungee. Players caught with no barrel sock on their barrel in an off-field area other than the chrono may be ejected from the event with no refund. This includes markers with no paint or air. If it has a barrel it is required to have a barrel sock on it. Period.


With the exception of Heavy-gunners no player may enter the field carrying more than 220 rounds of ammo. Heavy Gunners may enter the field carrying no more than 400 rounds.


We do not allow the use of “sabot” rounds (wads of paintballs) or grenades as projectiles from launchers. You must use Nerf brand “Mini Vortex”, JCS “F-69,” or Kush Nation Armory foam rockets, or similar. The only modification to these that will be allowed is trimming of no more than ½ inch off of each of the three tail fins. Rockets must be approved by the event director.

All launchers must be clocked at less than 140 feet per second. These devices are for hard targets only such as buildings, bunkers, bridges, etc.

LAW’s will not destroy a building or bunker, only remove the occupants. These devices may be used during daytime segments only. You must have a “Special Weapons” card to use a LAW on the field, and all launchers must be approved before use.


Goggles must meet ASTM and insurance requirements, must be structurally unaltered, must provide full face, eye, and ear protection, and must have suitable, un-cracked and undamaged lenses in them. Players caught lifting their goggles, or breaking the seal of the goggles against their face, may be ejected with no refund. Be smart! Be SAFE!


Radios are allowed and encouraged. You may monitor any frequency you wish EXCEPT OFFICIAL EVENT STAFF CHANNELS. Players may use their radios anytime except while eliminated and walking either to their hospital or the field exit. Once in the hospital or off-field they may communicate at will. Players will not be allowed to stand off-field and gather reconnaissance of the enemy base or for recon and report missions.


No tools or knives may be carried on the field. No personal fill stations allowed on the premises. Any items found in violation will be confiscated and may, or may not, be returned after the event. No unbreakable trip wires. No pyrotechnic devices. ONLY SPORT SMOKE is Allowed. No metal cleats.


Referees will be clearly marked. Do not argue with a referee under any circumstances. If you disagree with a call ask them for their Judge number and see the Head Referee or Event


There a number of experienced scenario players who serve as “Player Refs”, our version of undercover cops. They are constantly watching for cheaters and unsafe players. They can also be helpful for answering questions if you cannot find a field referee. However, they are prohibited from signing off on any mission cards.


There may be a number of character roll-players on field. These characters are noncombatants and are in-game for intelligence purposes only. Roll players are also considered Player Refs.


If you wish to enter the field to take photos, retrieve a lost item, or any other reason you must check with the scenario director before doing so.


Shooting of any wildlife will not be tolerated. If you accidentally do so please notify the nearest referee immediately so that we can make sure the animal is okay, or render assistance if necessary. If you witness someone doing so please notify the nearest ref immediately.



If you are marked by a direct hit from a paintball (even if the ball itself ricocheted) and it breaks on you and leaves a quarter-sized mark, you are eliminated. During the nighttime segment (immediately following dinner break) all hits count whether they break or not. If you are wearing a “ghillie suit” all hits count on areas covered by this material day or night. Once eliminated you must immediately exit the field or report to your “hospital.” You must take the shortest reasonable path to do so. Using your “dead time” on the field to do reconnaissance will result in a judge punch on your player badge.

If the player is eligible to be healed by a medic any player may place a hand on them and walk (not run) them up to 100 feet from where they were eliminated so that they may be healed by a medic.

It is important that you “get up and out” as soon as you are eliminated. Hold your marker high above your head and run out of the bunker! With the large number of players you will encounter it is hard to hear someone shouting “Hit!” while he/she searches for their barrel sock, and players will continue to shoot thinking you are still in. “Get up and out” and get away from the lines of fire, then search for your barrel sock!


If your marker is hit you may continue to play, but not with that marker. It is disabled until you exit the field or have it repaired at your base. Until it is repaired you may remove the barrel from it and barrel-tag, or you may use a secondary marker such as a pistol.


You may “barrel-tag” players and eliminate them without shooting. Unless it is on your marker the barrel must be at least 8 inches long, and in plain sight (not hidden up your sleeve). To barrel-tag someone you touch them with the tip of your barrel anywhere below their collar. When you tag them you must immediately say, “Barrel tag!” when you touch them with it. Barrel-tagged players are immediately eliminated and are to walk away quietly. Failure to do so will result in a judge punch. After you have exited the area you may declare that you are eliminated as you continue to your hospital or an exit. Barrel tagged players cannot be healed by medics.


This will not be tolerated for any reason. Using such ploys on the field will result in ejection from the event.


We request, whenever possible, that you request players within 20 feet to surrender. This is not a hard and fast rule, but a strongly suggested guideline. We also recommend that players who are given this option accept it graciously. The player who asked was displaying good sportsmanship. Please don’t reward them with a close shot. Thank them for not shooting you at close range and report to your hospital. A surrender also does not indicate an elimination. Surrendered players are considered POW’s unless barrel tagged following the surrender.


A POW is a player who has been “captured” by an enemy player. The capturing player will escort the POW to the command base to be given credit for points. POW’s are required to disable their markers via air disconnection, barrel removal or holstering (for pistols). POW’s will not be physically restrained at any point. Players may also be “interrogated”, however, no physical contact is to be made between players. Once credit has been given, the POW will return as an eliminated player to his/her hospital.


Grenades may be used during daytime segments only. In order to be considered an elimination there must be enough paint on the player to be collected into a mark the size of a quarter. One or two specks will not be counted as an elimination.


Engineers have the ability to Reinforce, or “Armor” walls on manmade structures. These armored walls are indicated by reflective triangles placed in front of the reinforced wall. An armored wall is used to reduce the effectiveness of rocket rounds. If a wall is armored, players behind that wall are safe from the first rocket strike. Once the first rocket strike hits, the triangle marker will be removed and the wall is no longer armored. A single satchel charge will completely destroy the structure and eliminate players as normal. Reinforcement markers may not be reclaimed and reused. Once used, it is gone.


When the game begins your commander will already know what the first missions for each segment are. Be sure that you are at your base and ready to go when each segment begins! For the first thirty minutes of each segment players who have not yet been in play may enter directly to their base. Once you are hit you must wait for the next insertion window to open.


Players may only enter the game from their own hospital. Even if you are able to get the other side to tape you with their armband tape you are still not a member of their side, and must use your own “hospital.” Reinsertions happen every twenty minutes, and the window for inserting stays open for ten minutes. This means that if you show up at the “hospital” at 2:58 you can reinsert at 3:00, but if you show up at 3:02 you may tag up, wipe off your old hit, and go right back to your base. When you insert you must go to within 20 feet of your base before you may remove your barrel cover and enter play. The exception to this is a “Hot Insertion.” If the opposing team has control of your base (the referee will make this judgment) you will be informed at your hospital that it will be a “Hot Insertion” which means that you are in immediately when the hospital opens. This time should be used to take out as many of the occupying forces as possible since you only have to tag up at your hospital when you get hit, as opposed to them having to go all the way back to their end of the field.

Command bunker and base. There is no shooting into, or out of, the command bunker. To eliminate everyone in the command bunker you need only to stick your foot inside the first doorway and announce “All DEAD!” At that point the base referee will clear out everyone in the bunker. The bunker is not destroyed, but everyone inside will be eliminated. No markers are allowed inside the command bunker except for the commander’s. No props are allowed to be kept inside the command bunker. No player may eliminate another player wearing the same color armband who is within fifty feet of their command bunker, or do anything harmful while wearing that color within fifty feet of the bunker. Physically blocking the door with objects or persons is prohibited.


No player may move any bunkers unless specific provisions are outlined by the event director allowing him to do so.


Players are permitted to use personal portable shields. Only one shield may be carried at a time. Shields may not be larger than 26” x 46”.


Unless there is a safety issue (such as near the staging or camping areas, you are permitted to shoot over the tapeline as long as you are on the field and shooting at live players.


ONLY SPORTS SMOKE can be used during the event at the EMR Facility! No other Brands may be used and use of them can result in expulsion from the event and the property.


This term is a misnomer. If you hold your hand, or marker, above your shoulder, or place your barrel sock on the end of your barrel, you must either call for a medic or leave the field. However, if you choose to undertake a “CASUAL STROLL” by simply pointing your marker at the ground and assuming a casual, relaxed posture and walking down-field this is perfectly legal, and it is up to your opponents to discern whether you are a threat or not.



Medics are utilized in game to reduce “Dead” players walking to hospitals and to keep players active in game. Medics will carry a medic bag or pouch containing; 20 “bandages”, medic record card and pen. Medics are authorized to heal all hits EXCEPT head-shots, LAW/Explosives kills and marker hits. Each medic record card holds 20 player numbers. Once the medic has used all of his bandages he must return to his command base to retrieve additional bandages and new medic record card.


Once a medic has arrived at the wounded player, the medic will check the player for hits, wiping them as located. The medic will apply a single bandage on the player and then record the players badge number on the medic record card.


Heavy Gunners are players authorized to use large capacity magazines and may carry UP TO 400 rounds in combination of magazine and pod, but may not carry more than one pod on field. Heavy Gunner rolls are volunteer based and are restricted to one (1) Heavy gunner per every 20 players.


Special Weapons operators are carded and authorized to carry Light Antitank Weapons. (LAWs) These can destroy helicopters and tanks, and eliminate players in buildings and other man-made structures. However, they will not destroy the structure, and cannot be used for missions requiring the simulated destruction of an objective. Only Special Weapons players are allowed to carry rockets, and they may only insert with a maximum of eight rockets. LAW rockets have a 10-foot blast radius in all directions. Special Weapons operators must have a referee witness for each shot.

Deployed rockets will be retrieved by event staff/referees only and may be retrieved from the Event Director.


Demolitions experts are carded players who are authorized to carry satchel charges or C4 for the destruction of hard targets. Hard targets include buildings, bridges, and other permanent structures. Satchel and C4 charges have a 20-foot blast radius in all directions. Demolitions experts will carry a “Deployment Log” card and for each structure destroyed will receive a referee signature/number. Each Deployment Log will hold 10 referee signatures. Demolitions experts may not carry more than 2 charges at a time. Remote detonation of C4 has a 50 meter maximum range.


Once a charge has been set in place, the demolitions expert will declare it destroyed stating “boom” or similar to the witnessing referee. The demolitions expert will then wrap the affected area using the provided tape. Once the tape has been wrapped the referee will mark the players Deployment Log. Tanks will not be taped. Referee signatures will only be issued for static structures that are destroyed. Demolitions charges deployed will be retrieved by event staff/referees only. Satchel charges may be thrown. C4 charges may not be thrown.


Engineers are carded players who are authorized to repair “destroyed” structures from satchel and C4 charges. As well, Engineers will also have the ability to “armor” or reinforce structure walls. Engineers will carry a “Repair Log” card and for each structure or marker repaired will receive a referee signature/number or player number. Each repair log will hold 10 referee signatures and/or player numbers.


Building Repairs: The Engineer will remove the previously placed tape from the affected area after which the witnessing referee will mark the players Repair Log. • Wall Reinforcement: The engineer will be given a limited number of “Armor Wall” cards. The engineer will surrender one card to a referee for each wall reinforced. The engineer will then mark the armored wall using the provided triangle markers. One card/marker will armor a single wall on a structure.


Snipers can use “Sniper Shot” cards to eliminate any player in plain view within 300 feet. The “Sniper” must surrender one “Sniper Shot” card to a referee in order to eliminate a single player. They do not need to actually fire their paintball marker to accomplish this elimination. “Sniper Shot” cards may be used by snipers to complete a sniper mission, but must take out a player at the objective to complete the mission. Only snipers may possess “sniper shot” cards, and are limited to carry


There will be a Prize Drawing and Awards Ceremony at 2:30 pm at the stage on Sunday. Prizes are from the SF DELTA T and EMR sponsors. Tickets will be passed out to all Participants that show an Event ID Tag for the drawing starting 30 minutes prior to the Giveaway.


July 21, 2017
July 23, 2017
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