castle-aaarrgh smThis field is thecenter of the most famous attack and defend game on the planet; “Castle Conquest! Castle Aaarrghh has a two story rampart entirely surrounding a full courtyard of barricades, buildings, and a three story tower command the center. The front wall sports (2) new three story towers and the entire Castle has over 35,000 square feet of playing area. There are staggered walls mixed with doorways and windows throughout the lower walls beneath the ramparts. 4 ground level doorways and 2 gang ramps to the upper ramparts are the only entrances. The castle is also lighted for night play. Accept no imitations! Play CASTLE AARRRGH!.

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Tippman Town

tippmann-town_smTippmann town is just across the street from Castle Aaarrgh! This 5-acre town includes multiple two story buildings including a hotel and strip-mall, to go with various other buildings and structures. Fight your way through the streets of Tippmann town or duke it out in the buildings! This field is lighted for night play.

Tippmann Town 2.0

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Castle Numbskull

numbskullHome Field of the “Boneheads”, EMR’s original Home Team. This 30′ square castle has four levels of defensive positions; ground level, raised corners, and a 2-story center tower. It sits in a clearing surrounded by woods and tall grass.

Castle War

fort-worr_smCastle War is 128′ long per side with two story ramparts ranging from 8′ to 16′ deep that completely encircle the courtyard. Upstairs the ramparts have staggered walls and downstairs contain 17 buildings built into the walls. The courtyard contains several small buildings, barricades, and a Three-story 24′ square blockhouse in the center. Each corner has a staircase leading to the second floor and there are entrances from the outsidein the center of each wall and two Siege Towers that give access to the upper ramparts.

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The Wild West

The Wild West is located behind Castle War and has a Trapper’s Camp with lean-tos and furs hanging, Miner’s Camp with a mine shaft andminer’s shacks, a Hacienda, Native American tee pee village, and a train station. Try and tame the Wild West if you dare!

Sgt. Splatter’s Playland

sgt-splatterThis field sports a fortified 175′ foot bridge in the center of the field. There are numerous buildings at both ends of the field and a multitude of trenches, tunnels, and earth berms throughout the middle.

Rec Center and staging area

This two-story heated rec center houses a full Paintball Store, Registration Center, Food & Drink Services and paintball rental gear. The lounge area upstairs is complete with tables and chairs throughout with ping-pong, foosball, darts, Large TV and a stage where live bands perform during big events. There is also a picnic pavilion with tables, chairs, and a gas grill and sink for anyone’s use.


30 Bunkhouses with 21 bunks and lights in each are available for players to stay overnight or for a weekend for a nominal fee of $5 each or a full bunkhouse of 15 or more players for $50 and a $50 security deposit. These bunkhouses are insulated for colder weather and players can bring their own propane or kerosene heaters to heat them. Teams or Groups of 15 or more players can secure their own private bunkhouse for the season to customize and stay in. Facing the bunkhouses is ample parking, a Bon Fire area, Horseshoes, Volleyball Court, and two catch and release Fishing Ponds. There are also Ninety Six 20′ x 20′ Campsites available for $5 and Ten 20′ x 40′ RV Spots for $10 per weekend with a $20 Security Deposit. (Contact us for Details)

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Upcoming Events

  1. March Meltdown “Justa Hangin” 2019

    March 29 - March 31
  2. MAGFED Autism Charity Event

    April 7
  3. Siege of Azure Castle IV 2019

    April 12 - April 13
  4. Airsoft Open Play

    April 14 @ 10:00 am - November 11 @ 2:00 pm
  5. Paintball Open Play / Team Practice

    April 14 @ 2:00 pm - November 11 @ 6:00 pm