What is Low Impact Paintball?

Perfect for Beginners! Ages 7 and up! Low Impact paintball uses smaller paintballs and lighter equipment so it is easier for the player to handle. The smaller paintballs have 75% less impact then traditional 68 caliber paintballs, are shot at a lower feet per second, and allow you to enjoy the game of paintball at an easier pace.

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Why Low Impact?

One of the biggest concerns of new paintball players is the fear of getting hit by a paintball. Low Impact 50 cal paintball gives us a way to introduce new players to this wonderful sport without the full impact of the standard .68 caliber paintball. Its also a great option for younger players, which can now play low impact paintball at age 7. Low Impact Paintball Play gives the player the Adrenaline Pumping Experience of Paintball with a much milder impact when hit.

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Upcoming Events

  1. March Meltdown “Justa Hangin” 2019

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