Do I get a discount if I own my own equipment?

No. Pricing is the same for Players that Own Their Own Equipment as it is for Players that Need Equipment because we include unlimited CO2 and Compressed Air for all players. ALL PLAYERS that have THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT should show up ½ hour early to adjust their markers to chrono within our safety margin so that they are ready to play when their group is ready.

How can I make check in go faster?

CHECK IN will go much faster if your group has their Waivers filled out and signed as well as their Rental Forms filled out and signed for any players needing Rental Equipment when they arrive at EMR.

What is the food situation at EMR?

EMR carries a variety of pre-prepared Hot Pockets, Sandwiches, Snacks & Beverages that can be purchased in the store that include Assorted Chips, Candy Bars, Peanuts, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Soda, Water, and Sports Drinks. HOT & COLD FOOD can also be ordered locally at numerous different restaurants within 10 minutes of EMR for Pickup by your group.

How does EMR accept payment?

CASH or CREDIT are accepted at EMR at all times.
BUSINESS CHECKS are accepted only if pre-approved by EMR in advance or received at least 2 weeks in advance.