EMR Safety, Game & Conduct Rules

For each rule violation you will receive a hole-punch on your wristband. If you get three you are deemed unsafe to play and you will be done playing for the day. No exceptions. No refunds. These rules are for your safety. Please pay attention and always listen to you referees.

  1. Always Wear Your Goggles: This is the most important safety rule. You must have your goggles on at any time there is a game going on or that you see anyone with their barrel covers off. You must also wear your goggles on the shooting range. The EMR Safety Trained Refs will inform you when it is safe to take your goggles off when a game is over. DO NOT LIFT or TAKE YOUR GOGGLES OFF until you are told it is safe to do so by a Safety Trained EMR Ref. This includes if your goggles fog up or get covered in paint or dirt. If you have a problem with your goggles, call over a Ref. Do not lift them up to see. If this happens the game will be stopped immediately and the entire group will have to sit down and listen to the safety speech again and you will receive two punches on your wristband. Do it again and you are done playing for the day.
  2. Barrel covers: These should be on your marker at all times. The only exceptions are when you are on the shooting range with your goggles on, or a referee instructs you that it is time to remove your barrel cover to play. When you are eliminated from a game the first thing you should do is put your barrel cover on.
  3. Wristband: Wristbands are issued when you have paid for your entry and turned in a completely filled out and signed EMR Waiver. If you are caught without a wristband, you will be escorted to the Rec. Center where you will have to purchase one or you will be asked to leave.
  4. EMR Paint Only: No off field Paintballs are allowed. Only Paintballs purchased at E.M.R. are allowed to be used to play. If you are caught using Paintballs that were not purchased from EMR, you will be immediately ejected from the game and will not be allowed to play for the rest of the day. This is the same as stealing in a court of law. No exceptions.
  5. Chrono Speed: 285 fps. You must chrono any non-rental guns with a referee before playing. If any marker chronos over 285 Feet Per Second, it must be turned down. You will also be chrono’d throughout the day to check speed to insure all player’s safety. Paintball Goggles are made to withstand 300 Feet Per Second impacts, so 285 fps allows for velocity spikes due to weather, drawing liquid CO2, and faulty regulators or equipment.
  6. SEMI-AUTO MODE ONLY! No Full Auto, Turbos, Ramps, or Multi-round bursts allowed. One shot per trigger pull only.
  7. DO NOT REMOVE CO2 TANKS FROM RENTAL GUNS. Ask a referee if you need more Co2. He/she will put a new one on for you. Anyone with their own equipment, please be careful when unscrewing your CO2 or Compressed Air tanks. Always check to make sure the tank is unscrewing from the gun and not the tank head.
  8. 8. MARKERS: Be sure to keep your marker upright at all times when you are shooting. They do not feed sideways or upside down. If you pull the trigger and nothing happens, check the bolt on the side and make sure that it is pulled back and also check to make sure that the safety is off. If that is not the problem, call for a referee to come assist you.
  9. Surrender Rule: If you come up behind someone within 20 feet and they do not know that you are there, then yell “SURRENDER” and that person is immediately eliminated.  They do not have a choice (this eliminates the close up back and neck shots). If you run up from in front of them or from the side and yell “Surrender”, it is up to the person you are asking if they want to surrender or not.  They do not have to surrender in that situation.  It only applies when the person doesn’t know that you are there and is facing away from you.  Never shoot any player within 20 feet of yourself.
  10. Elimination: You are Eliminated when you are hit by a paintball and it breaks on you or your Equipment such as your marker, mask, pods, pack, etc… Be sure to check and see if the paintball broke. Sometimes they do bounce without breaking. If you cannot see where it hit, ask someone next to you to check it for you if someone is close or else yell for a paintcheck and a ref will come to assist you. If you do yell hit or out, you are out whether it broke or not, so be sure to check first. If a paintball breaks on something in front of you and just splatters on you, you are not out. It must hit you or your equipment and break on you.
  11. On field Assistance: If you need a paint check or have a gun problem or anything that requires a ref, call out REF or your referee’s name. He or she will come to you. If you get up and walk to them they will help you but you will be out for the rest of the game.
  12. What to do when Eliminated: When you are eliminated you want to yell either hit or out. Immediately after yelling. put your Barrel Cover on and then yell hit or out loudly several more times. Then put your hand in the air and wait a few second before you show yourself. This gives your opponents time to see that you are out. Once you have established that you are out, get up and walk to the designated dead zone or off of the playing field. KEEP YOUR GOGGLES ON the ENTIRE TIME! If you can not see, ask for a ref to assist you. DO NOT shoot people with their barrel covers on or that have called themselves out!
  13. Out Players: Out Players do not talk. You cannot help your team once you have been eliminated so keep your mouth shut and leave the field.
  14. NO Cheating: You will be back in the next game very quickly. Cheating takes away the fun for everyone and will not be tolerated. If caught intentionally wiping, you will be thrown out of the game and will be done Playing for the day.
  15. Overshooting: Do not shoot someone more than three times. If you do shoot someone more than three times and they all break, you also will be called out for that game.
  16. Blind Firing: You must always be looking at who or what you are shooting at. For example: Do not stick your gun around the corner of a building or in a window and start firing without first looking at what you are firing at.
  17. Shooting through cracks of walls: This is not allowed. All shooting ports in any building or structure should be at least a 4” by 4” opening. You cannot stick your barrel up to a crack wide enough for a paintball to pass through and shoot through it. You are eliminated if someone is good or lucky enough to shoot you through a crack from a distance of at least 5 feet. Splatter does not count as an elimination, it must be a complete paintball.
  18. Bunkers: There is no moving of any field objects/bunkers during the game. This includes 55 Gallon Barrels, Spools, A-Frames, Pallets, or any other barricades.
  19. Absolutely no climbing of trees, walls, or up onto the top of barricades is permitted. You may only leave the ground by using EMR made stairs with handrails.
  20. Swearing: Please watch what you say. Please extend everyone the courtesy of not using swearwords. Never direct a negative comment or swear at another player or EMR referee/staff member.
  21. Arguing/ Physical Contact: This will not be tolerated. Do not argue with other players, the referee’s or in any way try to instigate a fight. Absolutely no Physical contact of any kind. YOU WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE FIELD IMMEDIATELY AND THE AUTHORITIES CONTACTED!