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Castle Tournaments is bringing the violent spectacle of Armored Combat to the masses, which means more public events for everyone to enjoy the action. The CEO and current referee/MC for these events is Derrick Flitcroft. He’s been a fighter in this glorious sport for over 5 years now, with multiple medals in national and international events, as well as appearing on the History channel show Knight Fight. 1 Gold medal he earned was with Team USA in the 16v16 event at the 2018 IMCF World Tournament, unfortunately the last few years there have been no World Tournaments but that is all coming back in 2023 so the fighters and teams are ramping up their training and fights in preparation which means more events for you! Derrick was captain of the NYC Sentinels for a number of years, and the team is still actively training and competing all over the North East. Derrick is well known as a strong wrestler and is known for throwing his opponents in the list and not even using his weapon most of the time. His passion for the fights and the fighters across the country that he now hosts events for is something to behold and partnered with EMR he hopes to bring these fighting events to you as often as he can.

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