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Operation “Bad Blood 2024”

June 29th & 30th, 2024

Operation “Bad Blood 2024”
Evike.com is coming to the East Coast to hold their annual customer appreciation game, co-produced by Moondog Industries and EMR Event Park. A portion of the event proceeds will be donated to the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund).

In the aftermath of an outbreak of Ebola, a third of Congo’s population is dead and the country is in open civil war. The CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control) has put out a bounty for fresh virus samples from the affected regions to try and isolate the new Ebola strain. The country is split into 4 warring factions. Each faction has sent armed medical teams into the hot zone to find the most viral samples.


Field Admission Cost: $60 per person (Shipping and handling may apply if nothing else is added to cart upon checkout.) This is a non-profit event made possible by our sponsors and Evike.com.Admission cost is “below cost” as part of our effort to make this event a true “fan appreciation” event. Please help us keep this event organized, fun-filled and a success.

Open to Ages 13+

Tickets will NOT be sold at the field

Entrance Fee Includes:

  • Field Entry
  • Raffle Ticket



18:00-20:00 Early chrono and registration

08:00-09:30 Chrono/Sign In
09:30-10:00 Briefing & Group Photo
10:00-11:00 Deployment and Faction Briefing
11:00-16:00 Game
16:00-18:00 Concert & Raffle

09:30-10:15 Zombie game chrono and Wristband check
10:15-10:30 Briefing
10:30-12:00 OP: Dead Blood (see Special Weapon Restrictions)
12:00-14:00 Skirmish games (normal airsoft guns)*
*You do NOT need to re-chrono your guns for the Skirmish games if they have a Saturday chrono tag


********Please refer to the PLAYERS PACKET to learn about each team. Uniform requirements will be strictly enforced. Tops and pants must match their faction colors/patterns. Headwear (hats, helmets, balaclavas, etc.) and vests should match their faction’s colors, while avoiding colors used by enemy factions. Helmets and vests may be made compliant using colored duct tape. Players should seek advice on their Faction FB group and the approval of camo patterns from their faction’s CO.*********

The Black Shirts
Background: Internal Security forces for former President Mobutu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OPBBBlackShirts/
Uniform: Uniform: Black shirts with black, grey or dark camo pattern pants.

Greens Army
Background: Congo Defense Forces loyal to General Green
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OPBBGreens/
Uniform: OD Green, Woodland (M81), DPM, MARPAT, AOR, Flora, Flecktarn, Tigerstripe (No “Transitional” camo patterns i.e. MultiCam)

Marxist Task Force
Background: Marxist guerrillas and troops from socialist members of the African Union
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OPBBMarxists/
Uniform: Desert camo patterns (No “Transitional” camo patterns i.e. MultiCam)

Deus X
Background: Armed militia of a Congolese Christian sect
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OPBBdeusx/
Uniform: Deus X is limited to 3 allowed camo types: MultiCam/OCP, Kryptek Mandrake or ATACs-IX. Tan battle-shirts are acceptable if your vest/PC is green. Solid colored helmets should be modified with a mix of green and brown colored tape.

Tribal Militia (NPC Team)
Background: Farmers, deserters and regional militias defending their villages from potentially infected outsiders. This is an INVITE only OPFOR team. Players must contact Phridum (Travis Barrett) to request to join.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OPBBtribal/
Uniform: Civilian plaid or Hawaiian printed shirts (except red, orange or yellow) with any type pants


  • Please show up in the correct uniform with your registration number
  • Bring spare battery, hydration, spare Airsoft gun and boots with strong ankle support. (See checklist for more info on recommended gear.)



BUNKHOUSE Lodging costs $30 Per Person to stay in for the Entire Event if Paid For by 6/24/24 and should be reserved in advance with Pre-Registration to guarantee a spot. At the event each bunkhouse spot is $30. To reserve Your Own Private Bunkhouse, the cost is $150 for the Entire Event if Paid For by 6/24/24 plus a Refundable $50 Deposit and should be reserved in advance with Pre-Registration to guarantee a Private Bunkhouse. At the event it is $175 plus $50 Deposit.

The Deposit will be refunded via Paypal within 10 days of the event after the Bunkhouse has been checked by an EMR Employee and if they find no Damage or Graffiti and the Bunkhouse is left Clean. If you do not Reserve Your Own Bunkhouse and just pay for Individuals, you will be assigned to a bunkhouse and may have to share it with other players. Walk-on players are not guaranteed spots in Bunkhouses or Private Bunkhouses.

Each Bunkhouse is 15’ x 30’ with 8’ high ceilings and they have twenty-one 32” x 81” Wooden Bunks that are stacked three high along the walls. There are two windows for ventilation and lights in the ceiling. Most of them have one electrical outlet that is Strictly for charging Phones, Batteries, running Sleep Machines or Electric Fans, No Electric Coffee Makers, Electric Heaters, Microwaves, AC Units etc. are allowed. You will trip the bunkhouse power and the break will be trip when it is convenient for a staff member to do so. We recommend bringing Sleeping Bags, Pillows, and Air Mattresses/Sleeping Pad for your stay, as we do not provide. During an event if it is cold, a Propane or Kerosene Indoor Heater is allowed

NO FIRES WITHIN 200’ OF ANY BUNKHOUSE except in Campsites. There is a Communal Bon Fire Pit by the Rec. Center for Player’s Enjoyment![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”0″ paddingtop=”-100px” paddingbottom=”-100px”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

CAMPSITES for Tents and Campers are 20’ x 20’ and Cost $20 Per Campsite for the Entire Event if Paid For by 6/24/24 More than one site may be reserved at $20 Per Site. At the Event Each Site is $25.

DOUBLE CAMPSITES for tents / pop up campers are A-J are 20′ x 50′ and Cost $50 Per Campsite for the Entire Event if Paid For by 6/24/43.  More than one site may be reserved at $50 Per Site.  At the event Each Site is $60.

RV SITES are 20’ x 40’ and Cost $50 Per Site if Paid For by 6/24/24, however there are no water or electric hook-ups for the RVs. You must notify us if you wish to run a Generator past Midnight and if so, you will be assigned a spot apart from the Campgrounds. Walk-on players are not guaranteed Campsites or RV Sites. At the event RV Sites are $50 Each.

All Campsites/RV Sites should be LEFT CLEAN with no Trash, Metal, or Glass left on the Site including in the Fire Ring.  ALL DISPOSABLE PROPANE TANKS MUST BE PLACED IN SPECIFIED CANS!  Please put all Trash in Trashbags and break down all Paintball and other Boxes Flat and leave beside the road at the front of your Campsite/RV Site when leaving. You may pick up FREE Trashbags in the store if needed. If your Campsite/RV Site is left a mess, You and your team will not be allowed to rent Sites in the Future.

Campers can have small fires at their campsite. They must be put out before you go to sleep at night. NO fires at the bunkhouses.  Firewood and Ice are sold at the EMR Store. EMR does not supply fire rings. You may choose to bring your own fire ring. If you bring your own , you must take it with you. Rocks / Cinder blocks are not allowed to be used unless you plan on bring home with you. DO NOT LEAVE rocks or cinders in the camping area. ABSOLUTELY NO WOOD THAT HAS SCREWS OR NAILS IN IT ARE TO BE BURNT FOR FIRE WOOD IN THE CAMPING / RV AREA

There is running Water with Hoses at various locations throughout the Event Park including a Triple Sink by the Picnic Pavilion, Equipment Cleaning Station, Water Mister for Cooling Off, Four Cold Water Showers for Rinsing Off, and Porta-Johns for Toilets.

Any Teams or Groups of Players that would like to Rent Their Own Porta-John for the Weekend, can reserve it by calling

Jack at Northern Sanitary Services at (607) 761-0071. You should bring your own padlock if you wish to lock it.

Yvonne at Suburban Septic at (888) 775-3693 or (607) 775-3693. You should bring your own padlock if you wish to lock it.

For Hot Showers there is a Flying J Truck Stop one exit below our exit on Rt. 81 that offers Shower Facilities and a Dinner Buffet.  You may also use the Shower Facilities at Montrose Campground for $5 that is located at 403 Pratt Road, New Milford, PA  18834 if you bring your own Towel and Soap.

Players that are staying overnight are welcome to arrive anytime after 3pm on Friday of the Event and stay until that Sunday evening of the Event.

RV DUMPSTATION: Flying J Truck Stop one exit below our exit on Rt. 81. $10 Dump Fee

DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON EMR FACILITY Due to Insurance Regulations all dogs must be on a leach and have a muzzle on. NO Exceptions except for certified service dogs. Owners must clean up after dog as well. Failure to due so will revoke your permission to bring your dog to EMR.

EMR has a zero tolerance policy. There will be law enforcement security on property patrolling and assisting with parking. Please follow their directions without hassle. Respect other customers and staff while on property. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY no dry firing , firing outside of the playing field , shooting range , chrono area or inside or outside of the bunkhouses. Players found doing so will be asked to leave the event without refund. Lights out at Midnight! you do not have to go to bed but car lights , radios , loud voice generators outside of the RV area and other sounds that will disrupt other trying to get a good night sleep. Barrel Bags are to be on at all time while of the playing field. There is no excuse not to have a barrel bag on as this is consistently preached. Same goes for Eye Protection. Anytime you are entering the playing field, chrono or shooting ranger proper eye pro must be worn and must stay on at all times when in these are. Caught without them on will lead to removal from the event.


June 29
June 30
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