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27 Oct
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Combat/LARP Event

OCTOBER 27/28/29, 2017

Greetings Dagorhirrim! In this time of blistering heat, endless thunderstorms, and suffocating humidity, we look fondly forward to the cooler days of autumn. In October, when the leaves begin to change, we hearken to the sounds of clashing Warbands, again ringing through the wooded foothills of the Appalachians!

The Cairnhold Legion is pleased to once again request your presence at A Clash Of Kings, our annual battle and campout. This year’s event will include multi-sided field and woods battles, a Monster Hunt, arts and sciences classes offered by the Legion’s Coven of Succubi, and, in true Cairnhold Legion fashion, evening revels and song that go late into the night!

After the Fighting is over for the day, ENJOY EMR’s OTHER AMENITIES such as Outdoor Volleyball, Horseshoes, Cornhole, Kan Jam, Bocce Balls, and the traditional Bon Fire plus Ping Pong, Beer Pong, Foosball, and Cards upstairs in our full Rec. Center. The EMR Store now Carries ICE, FIREWOOD, CAMPING SUPPLIES, and SPORT SMOKE along with Food, Snacks, Beverages, and Camping Equipment!


Entry for this Exciting Weekend is only $25. All Prices include 6% PA Sales Tax. THE ENTIRE EMR EVENT PARK WILL BE DEDICATED EXCLUSIVELY TO THIS EVENT!

Event Schedule


2:00 PM
Store Opens for Registration and Check In
Early Weapons Check Opens
7:00 PM
Early Weapons Check Closes
8:00 PM
Bardic Circle
Rec. Center Closes
All Generators must be turned off and no Loud Noise Tolerated Anyplace-Let People Sleep


9:00 AM
Weapons Check Open
Store Opens for Registration and Check In
A&S class slots 1 & 2 in Rec Center
10:00 AM
Morning Battle
10:30 AM
A&S class slots 3 & 4 in Rec Center
12:00 NOON
Break for Lunch
1:00 PM
Woods Battle – Multi-team CTF
A&S class slots 5 & 6 in Rec Center
Target Archery range opens
Thrown Weapons range opens
A&S Competition Judging begins
2:30 PM
A&S class slots 7 & 8 in Rec Center
3:00 PM
Castle Battle (pretty sure this involves zombies…)
5:00 PM
Target Archery range closes
Thrown Weapons range closes
6:00 PM
Store Closes
8:00 PM
A&S Awards
Archery and Thrown Weapons tournament awards
Fundraiser Chinese Auction drawings
Bardic Circle at the main Fire Pit (after other business finishes)
Rec. Center Closes
All Generators must be turned off and no Loud Noise Tolerated Anyplace-Let People Sleep


9:00 AM
Store Opens
12:00 Noon
Store Closes
Site Closes


BUNKHOUSE Lodging costs $10 Per Person to stay in for the Entire Event and should be reserved in advance with Pre-Registration to guarantee a spot. To reserve Your Own Private Bunkhouse, you need to pre-register at least 15 players and pre-pay a $150 deposit, of which $50 will be refunded after being checked by an EMR employee for Damage, Graffiti, and Cleanliness before you depart. Deposits must be claimed before leaving the EMR Facility. If you have less than 15 players, you will be assigned to a bunkhouse and may have to share it with other players. Walk-on players are not guaranteed spots in bunkhouses or campsites.

Each Bunkhouse is 15’ x 30’ with 8’ high ceilings and they have twenty-one 32” x 81” Wooden Bunks that are stacked three high along the walls. There are two windows for ventilation and lights in the ceiling. Most of them have one electrical outlet that is Strictly for charging Phones, Batteries, or running Sleep Machines. No Electric Fans, Coffee Makers, Heaters, etc. are allowed. We recommend bringing Sleeping Bags, Pillows, and Air Mattresses/Sleeping Pad for your stay and if it is cold, a Propane or Kerosene Indoor Heater. No Fires are allowed within 10’ of any Bunkhouse and must be contained in a Raised, Completely Covered Fire-Pit sitting Only On Dirt or Stone, not a deck.

CAMPSITES for Tents and Campers are 20’ x 20’ and ARE FREE for the Entire Event. More than one site may be reserved under each Registration, however there must be at least two Attendees camping per site.

RV SITES are 20’ x 40’ and ARE FREE for the Entire Event, however there are no water or electric hook-ups for the RVs. You must notify us if you wish to run a Generator past Midnight and if so, you will be assigned a spot apart from the Campgrounds.

CAMPERS are expected to leave no damage to the CAMP/RV Site and Clean with no Trash, Metal, or Glass left on the site including the Fire Ring. All Fires must be contained within a Fire Ring. There are several Fire Rings at the Campsites and are on a first grab, first get basis, so you might want to bring your own. Firewood and Ice are sold in the EMR Store.

There is running water with Hoses at various locations throughout the Event Park, a Triple Sink by the Picnic Pavilion, Equipment Cleaning Station, Water Mister for Cooling Off, Four Cold Water Showers for Rinsing Off, and Porta-Johns for Toilets.

Any Teams or Groups of Players that would like to Rent Their Own Porta-John for the Weekend, can reserve it by calling Yvonne at Suburban Septic at (888) 775-3693 or (607) 775-3693. You should bring your own padlock if you wish to lock it.

For Hot Showers there is a Flying J Truck Stop one exit below our exit on Rt. 81 that offers Shower Facilities and a Dinner Buffet and Montrose Campground also offers Showers for a nominal fee a few miles away.

Players are welcome to arrive anytime on Friday 10/27/17 and stay through Sunday, 10/29/17.
DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON EMR FACILITY for this event if they ARE LEASHED & MUZZLED AT ALL TIMES! Owners must Clean Up all Dog Waste and dispose of it in Plastic Bags.

Minimum age required to play in this Event is 18 years old. All players must sign a Liability Waiver.

EMR’s own Jason Schwab will be there with SMOKIN J BBQ, which offers a delicious variety of Fantastic Smoked Food for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. There is also a large variety of Premade Foods in the Store such as Hot Pockets, Corn Dogs, Chimichangas, etc. plus an assortment of Snacks, Candy Bars, Soda, Energy Drinks, Water, and Gatorade. You may also bring your own food and grills to prepare food or go to one of the many restaurants and fast food places within 10 miles of EMR.


CASTLE WAR is the second LARGEST, NASTIEST CASTLE that exists for FIGHTING right behind CASTLE AAARRGH. With over 22,000 square feet of Fighting area within its walls, CASTLE WAR sports two stories of playing and a full two story 8’ to 16’ deep rampart completely encircling a courtyard of buildings, towers, and barricades. The corridors below the ramparts are full of staggered walls, windows, and doorways leading into the courtyard. With only 4 openings from the outside into the courtyard and two gang ramps from the Siege Machines onto the upper ramparts, this Castle is a fight to enter from Game On.


Facing the Castle Front Wall (Considered WALL 1) is TIPPMANN TOWN 2.0, a large town with numerous buildings surrounded by Barricade Courses on all 4 sides and only 200’ from CASTLE WAR’s Front Door. To the right of the castle is WALL 2, which faces CASTLE NUMBSKULL with woods, stone fences, and barricades throughout. The back wall (WALL 3) is faced with trees and bunkers backed by a downhill sloping ridge. To the left (WALL 4) there is a mixture of trees, barricades, and buildings before hitting a downward slope.


The current Dagorhir Manual of Arms can be found at: http://dagorhir.com/index.php/rules



++ Metal knees, elbows, and hands are allowed pending armor check for safety

++ Helmets of 14 gauge and thicker metal are allowed pending armor check for safety. We don’t particularly believe in “non-period grills”, either. 

++ Expanded grappling rules: Fighters wearing torso armor may grapple other fighters wearing torso armor. Only torso armor (including shoulders) counts in regards to grappling in armor. Fighters wearing no torso armor (including shoulders) may initiate a grapple with anyone. No one holding a bow or arrow may be grappled or initiate a grapple.


Code of Conduct for Cairnhold Legion Events:

We do not tolerate harassment of people at our events in any form.
In order to take action, we need to know about any incident during the event.

Everyone is entitled to a harassment-free event experience, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, or physical appearance.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, offensive verbal comments, deliberate off-field intimidation, stalking or following someone, making harassing photography or recordings, and disrupting talks or other events. Anyone asked to stop any unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately.

A request to “stop” or “leave me alone” means exactly that. If anyone engages in harassing behavior, the event staff may warn the offender, remove the offender from the area, or expel the offender from the event with no refund at the discretion of Cairnhold Legion’s Primarchs.

If you feel that you are being harassed, or if you notice someone violating event or camp policies, we respectfully suggest the following:

If you feel comfortable doing so, point out the inappropriate behavior to the persons involved. Often this will solve the problem immediately.

If you do not feel comfortable talking with the persons involved, or if talking to them does not resolve the issue, please report the situation, in person, immediately to ANY member of the Cairnhold Legion, who will take you immediately to an officer. 

Try to provide a name and/or a physical description of the person or persons involved.

In order to take action, we need to know about any incident during the event.


October 27, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
October 29, 2017 @ 12:00 pm
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