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2-Day Airsoft Event held at EMR Event Park
May 4TH/5TH, 2024

Event Producer’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/otherworldmilsim
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/337230652449183
Website: https://www.otherworldmilsim.com/
For All Game Related Questions Please Contact: otherworldairsoft@gmail.com

For Any Questions Regarding EMR please contace: Tim@EMReventpark.com


It is SUPER Important you read the Rules / Game Play before you purchase your event ticket!!!

RULES AND GAMEPLAY LINK : https://www.otherworldmilsim.com/about-8-1

If you have any questions about the GAME, please posted them to the Downfall 10 Facebook Event Page! Production will answer your questions there!

Questions about EMR please EMAIL Tim@emreventpark.com or Direct Message the EMR Event Park FaceBook Page : https://www.facebook.com/EMReventpark


PRICING: The cost per player is $60 this doesnt not include sales tax and processing fees. ALL ENTRY FEES INCLUDE UNLIMITED COMPRESSED AIR FILLS. This entry fee covers your game play for both Saturday and Sunday. There is no Maximum number of players for Operation Downfall 10. All Tickets are non-refundable.

Registration: To Register for this event by 05/1/2024 online with a Credit Card, please WWW.OTHERWORLDMILSIM.COM

Waivers: Please print and fill out both the EMR and OWM waivers before arriving at EMR. This will greatly speed up the process.

Printing out the waivers and filling it out before coming to registration speeds up the process and can be done here:

EMR Event Parks Waiver: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xb9vqBP19hxLi7QmfkND7YLwO3xa4v4r/view

Other World Waiver: https://www.otherworldmilsim.com/_files/ugd/bf9a4f_9d8811626348405aa7aecf0a16c75237.pdf

CAMPSITES, RV SITES, & BUNKHOUSE LODGING must be Reserved through EMR BY 5/1/23 : See Details below for all info on camping / bunkhouses

Players are allowed to show up anytime after 12 noon pm to set up camp. Registration Checkin and Chrono will open between 5-6pm possibly sooner pending event set up and staffing. There will be someone on hand to tell you where your camp reservations are.  Please do not bother Vendors, Producers and EMR staff before registration that has nothing to do with camping before 5pm. This is place so we can finish last minute set up with out interruptions. 

Registration / Product / Bunkhouse / Camping Refund Policy:
There are No Refunds given for Pre-Reg Entry, Accommodations, and Products. In the case of a cancellation or a reschedule of an event. Your registration will be moved to the reschedule date, to another EMR event of your choosing or you will receive a in store credit on any product currently in stock. ( This does not include any special order items)


1530 Players can arrive after this time
1700 Registration open and Chronograph open
2000 Registration, Chrono close. Rules for players wanting to get them over with.
0000 Midnight Rec. Center Closes

0700 Store, Registration Area, Chronos, Co
mpressed Air Stations, vendors OPEN FOR BUSINESS
0855 Chrono Closes for Safety Orientation and Game Rules.
0900 Safety Orientation and Game Rules Given at Stage.
1000 Players gather at starting positions
1030 Operation Downfall Begins
1830 Operation Downfall Concludes for Saturday

1830 Shooting competition begins

2030 Shooting competition ends
0000 Rec. Center Closes

0800 Store, Compressed Air Stations, vendors OPEN.
0830 Safety Orientation

0900 Game Start

1300 Game Ends


( Pricing Does Not Include Sales Tax and Processing Fees )

BUNKHOUSE Lodging costs $25 Per Person to stay in for the Entire Event if Paid For by 4/29/24 and should be reserved in advance with Pre-Registration to guarantee a spot. At the event each bunkhouse spot is $30. To reserve Your Own Private Bunkhouse, the cost is $150 for the Entire Event if Paid For by 4/29/24 plus a Refundable $50 Deposit and should be reserved in advance with Pre-Registration to guarantee a Private Bunkhouse. At the event it is $175 plus $50 Deposit.

The Deposit will be refunded via Paypal within 10 days of the event after the Bunkhouse has been checked by an EMR Employee and if they find no Damage or Graffiti and the Bunkhouse is left Clean. If you do not Reserve Your Own Bunkhouse and just pay for Individuals, you will be assigned to a bunkhouse and may have to share it with other players. Walk-on players are not guaranteed spots in Bunkhouses or Private Bunkhouses.

Each Bunkhouse is 15’ x 30’ with 8’ high ceilings and they have twenty-one 32” x 81” Wooden Bunks that are stacked three high along the walls. There are two windows for ventilation and lights in the ceiling. Most of them have one electrical outlet that is Strictly for charging Phones, Batteries, running Sleep Machines or Electric Fans, No Electric Coffee Makers, Electric Heaters, Microwaves, AC Units etc. are allowed. You will trip the bunkhouse power and the break will be trip when it is convenient for a staff member to do so. We recommend bringing Sleeping Bags, Pillows, and Air Mattresses/Sleeping Pad for your stay, as we do not provide. During an event if it is cold, a Propane or Kerosene Indoor Heater is allowed

NO FIRES WITHIN 200’ OF ANY BUNKHOUSE except in Campsites. There is a Communal Bon Fire Pit by the Rec. Center for Player’s Enjoyment![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”0″ paddingtop=”-100px” paddingbottom=”-100px”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

CAMPSITES for Tents and Campers are 20’ x 20’ and Cost $20 Per Campsite for the Entire Event if Paid For by 4/29/24 More than one site may be reserved at $20 Per Site. At the Event Each Site is $25.

DOUBLE CAMPSITES for tents / pop up campers are A-J are 20′ x 50′ and Cost $50 Per Campsite for the Entire Event if Paid For by 4/29/24.  More than one site may be reserved at $50 Per Site.  At the event Each Site is $60.

RV SITES are 20’ x 40’ and Cost $50 Per Site if Paid For by 4/29/24, however there are no water or electric hook-ups for the RVs. You must notify us if you wish to run a Generator past Midnight and if so, you will be assigned a spot apart from the Campgrounds. Walk-on players are not guaranteed Campsites or RV Sites. At the event RV Sites are $50 Each.

All Campsites/RV Sites should be LEFT CLEAN with no Trash, Metal, or Glass left on the Site including in the Fire Ring.  ALL DISPOSABLE PROPANE TANKS MUST BE PLACED IN SPECIFIED CANS!  Please put all Trash in Trashbags and break down all Paintball and other Boxes Flat and leave beside the road at the front of your Campsite/RV Site when leaving. You may pick up FREE Trashbags in the store if needed. If your Campsite/RV Site is left a mess, You and your team will not be allowed to rent Sites in the Future.

Campers can have small fires at their campsite. They must be put out before you go to sleep at night. NO fires at the bunkhouses.  Firewood and Ice are sold at the EMR Store. EMR does not supply fire rings. You may choose to bring your own fire ring. If you bring your own , you must take it with you. Rocks / Cinder blocks are not allowed to be used unless you plan on bring home with you. DO NOT LEAVE rocks or cinders in the camping area. ABSOLUTELY NO WOOD THAT HAS SCREWS OR NAILS IN IT ARE TO BE BURNT FOR FIRE WOOD IN THE CAMPING / RV AREA

There is running Water with Hoses at various locations throughout the Event Park including a Triple Sink by the Picnic Pavilion, Equipment Cleaning Station, Water Mister for Cooling Off, Four Cold Water Showers for Rinsing Off, and Porta-Johns for Toilets.

Any Teams or Groups of Players that would like to Rent Their Own Porta-John for the Weekend, can reserve it by calling

Jack at Northern Sanitary Services at (607) 761-0071. You should bring your own padlock if you wish to lock it.

Yvonne at Suburban Septic at (888) 775-3693 or (607) 775-3693. You should bring your own padlock if you wish to lock it.

For Hot Showers there is a Flying J Truck Stop one exit below our exit on Rt. 81 that offers Shower Facilities and a Dinner Buffet.  You may also use the Shower Facilities at Montrose Campground for $5 that is located at 403 Pratt Road, New Milford, PA  18834 if you bring your own Towel and Soap.

Players that are staying overnight are welcome to arrive anytime after 3pm on Friday of the Event and stay until that Sunday evening of the Event.

RV DUMPSTATION: Flying J Truck Stop one exit below our exit on Rt. 81. $10 Dump Fee

DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON EMR FACILITY Due to Insurance Regulations all dogs must be on a leach and have a muzzle on. NO Exceptions except for certified service dogs. Owners must clean up after dog as well. Failure to due so will revoke your permission to bring your dog to EMR.


May 4
May 5
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