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10 Man Town Tournament

APRIL 15th – 16th , 2023

The Valgrind (Old Norse valgrind = ‘fence of the fallen ones’) is one of the 540 gates to Valhalla.

EMR’s Valgrind : A 10 Man Town Tournament is a battle of 10 teams made up of 10 Warriors Battling it out on sacred grounds proving themselves worthy of Valhalla.  This Tournament will be a round robin tournament. Each team will Play 9 Prelim 10 minute matches through out Saturday and Sunday. The Top 6 in points will be taken into a single elimination final with 1st and 2nd getting a 1st round bye.

Entry $500 per team

$45 a Case of EMR Field Protected GI Sports Paint.

Open Class – Semi Auto Only – 12.5 BPS

10 min matches with a 10 min reset in between each match.

(If a match ends early that will be time added to the reset. Matches will start on the 20 minute mark. During the 10 minute reset teams may collect pods, score live players, captain signs off on points.)

25 pts for Flag Pull

75 pts for Flag Hang 

(must pull flag from opponents start box and bring back to your start box before the 10 minute time limit. If the horn goes off before the flag is hung, your team will only be rewarded for the pull not the hang and any live players.)

10 pts for Every Live player.

( When the game whistle blows live players have 2 minutes to enter the live player box to collect points. Each box will be on a timer. Once timer ends, any player that is live not in the box will not receive the points)

Dead players must head to Netted dead box on the Rec Center side of the field, separate from the start box. Dead players must have a barrel bag on marker and marker must be placed on the gun stand on the table in the deadbox. Failure to do so, 20 pts per marker not on the stand will be deducted from overall score. No points rewarded for dead players.

More Rules and info to come!


Currently this layout is in a rough draft form. Layout will be updated soon with boundaries, start and dead boxes, viewing, air station. Lay out will eventually have a grid form for printing. 


April 3, 2022
April 4, 2022
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