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Faction Hill is a competitive league to see which Faction will rise to conquer the hill! In this 3 Event League, each faction will battle the other factions individually in 1 hour long battles over a flag domination style match. Control the flags, control the hill! Faction Hill will also be spectator friendly. Family and Friends will be able to watch and cheer from the top looking down as the factions battle across the playing field giving this league a fan base experience. Who will defeat this hill? Who will raise the Faction Hill Cup in Victory!


April 24th/25th, 2021

August 7th/8th, 2021

October 23rd/24th, 2021


  • Players can roster per event or for all three events ( 3 event deal closes after the first event)
  • There are NO WALK-ONs for this league
  • Once a roster is full, it will be locked with no waiting list. You may choose another faction to play for if spots are still available.
  • Rosters are a first come first serve. If you register for all 3 events you are locked into that roster for the season. After event 1 players wishing to move to another faction there will be a $15 trade fee.
  • Players will get their faction cards at each event for match check in.
  • PRE REG PAINT and FSR will be available until 2 weeks before the event. Roundball and FSR will be available for purchase at the event at regular prices.
  • Each Player will get a One-time Registration T-shirt of their faction. If you switch factions after event 1. You can get 1 shirt at $15 for a new faction shirt with pre registration only.
  • Faction Shirts will be available for pit crew / spectators / fans for $25
  • No Roster changes the weekend of the event.

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PRICING including 6% PA Sales Tax


Pre Reg by 4/4 : $45 

Register by 4/11: $50

ALL 3 event special by 4/11: $120

Official Reg. closes 4/11

No Walk-on Registrations


Pre Reg by 7/18 : $45 

Register by 8/1: $50

Official Reg. closes 8/1

No Walk-on Registrations


Pre Reg by 10/3 : $45 

Register by 10/17: $50

Official Reg. closes 10/17

No Walk-on Registrations

Paintballs     /    First Strike Rounds

Pre Reg by 4/4 : $65  /   $170

At the event: $75   /    $180

Paintballs     /    First Strike Rounds

Pre Reg by 7/18 : $65  /   $170

At the event: $75   /    $180

Paintballs     /    First Strike Rounds

Pre Reg by 10/3 : $65  /   $170

At the event: $75   /    $180






  • Each Faction will be made up of 25 rostered players.
  • You must register to be a rostered player. There are no walks ons for this event.
  • Factions may have pit crews but no more than 25 rostered players.
  • Each rostered player must have their ID card before each match to check in.
  • Each rostered player must wear their factions colored arm band on each arm and must be visible at all times.
  • Jersey and camo requirements are encouraged to match your factions side. Please try not to wear the colors of the opposing factions.
  • No Roster changes the weekend of the event.


  • Only 2 Factions on the Playing Field at once ( Max 25 Players vs Max 25 Players)
  • Each Match is 1 Hour long.
  • Matches Start and End with a Game Horn
  • Each Faction will play 3 matches on Saturday and 2 Matches on Sunday
  • Faction will start on the side, how the schedule is layed out/ ( ex. 1vs4, 1 will start on the left side of the field and 4 will start on the right . Next Match 2vs1. 2 will start on the left side and 1 will start on the right side.)
  • Whistles will be used only by refs to halt the game if there is a situation on the field during the match play. Whistles will start the match back up and time will be added to the clock.
  • Saturdays matches, each factions will play all the other factions for a max of 3 matches on Saturday. Points will be totaled at the end of the day for Sundays matches. Each faction will play 2 matches on Sunday. 1st and 2nd in points will play for 1st place. 3rd and 4th in points will play for 3rd to determine that events standings. A final battle match will be played after the end of the series matches. Factions will combine for 2 sides, 1st and 4th vs 2nd and 3rd for one last fun battle of the weekend.


  • 4 Flags worth 100 points each, scored every 10 minutes.
  • 1 Random Hot Flag will be drawn at the start of the match and scored every 20 minutes for 400 points. Hot Flags will be announced over the PA system every 20 minutes.
  • Factions caught tampering with the flags will be penalized 500 points.
  • There will be a final score check at the end of the match.


  • Factions can only have 25 players max on the playing field but do not need all 25 on the field at the same time or to start the match. ( Ex. A match can play 25 vs 17 players if one of the factions does not have enough players). Match will hard start if players are not ready.
  • Spectators can not coach or give out other factions positions. Spectators may cheer / root for a faction. Spectators caught coaching/helping out factions will be 300 points off that factions score.
  • A faction may have up to 10 Pit members to help that faction during the match. Pit members may coach from the pit/insertion point only. Pit members coaching outside these area. 300 point penalty.
  • Field Paint only for FSR and RoundBall.
  • Chrono is 280. 280 with FSR if using roundball also.
  • Players with one or no arm band / hiding arm bands is a 200 point penalty.
  • Players must call their hits. If a player is caught cheating, 100 point penalty
  • Dead Players must tag back up at their insertion. If a player is caught reengaging the match without tagging back up at one of the insertions or caught dead man talking, 200 point penalty.
  • Marker hits count. If your primary is shot, you may switch to your secondary marker.
  • No melee or barrel tags allowed.
  • Full Auto is allowed.
  • Paint , Sound and Smoke Grenades are allowed. ( Sport Smoke Grenades Only)
  • Flash Bangs are not allowed.
  • 3 Shield player max per factions. Shield player must use a pistol. Shield players can not be runners.
  • Runners are allowed. A runner is someone without a marker running the field to change flags. A runner can not touch other players to call the out. Can not use a shield. Runners can be shot out and must tag back up to make another run.
  • Comms are allowed. Can use any channel except 1-3 ( these are reserved for EMR staff)
  • 5 Box mags per faction allowed. Must come off the field to reload. ( no pods on the field to reload but can use them in the pits)
  • No pods on the field allowed, may use 10 round tubes to reload mags on the field.
  • If caught spawn camping, you will be called out without warning and must tag back up at your insertion point.
  • ****FOR FINAL BATTLE ONLY**** There will be a Back center insertion for the side that is losing at the hot flag check. Hot insertion is closed for the 30 minutes. At the 30 minute mark the team that is losing my use that insertions until the next hot flag check on the 30. A flag of the corresponding side will hang outside the tent. The tent will be a netted 10×10 white top tent at the back center of the playing field. There will be a no engagement zone around the tent. once you cross the zone you can not shoot in out out of that zone as you are a dead player. Players may walk down from the other insertions to tag up if their side controls the hot insertion.

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