How far in advance do I need to book my group?

All private groups must register at least 72 hours before the play date.
For more details call (570) 465-9622

Do I get a discount if I own my own equipment?

No. Pricing is the same for Players that Own Their Own Equipment as it is for Players that Need Equipment because we include unlimited CO2 and Compressed Air for all players. ALL PLAYERS that have THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT should show up ½ hour early to adjust their markers to chrono within our safety margin so that they are ready to play when their group is ready.

Are there set times for group sessions?

Groups may be booked for either a 4 hour session at either 9:00 am or 2:00 pm with 500 paintballs each or an all-day session from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm or any part of those hours with 1000 paintballs each. Two Day sessions with overnight stay and night play are also available and we offer a 2-Hour Birthday Special. If the set time schedules will not work for your group, please contact Jamie Behler at Operations@EMRpaintball.com and he will work with you to try to set up something that is agreeable.

What if I have a group over 50 players?

For Groups over 50 players that wish to set up a one or two day event for their group or organization, please contact Operations@EMRpaintball.com . We will be happy to work with you to set up a custom program and playing times.

What if I want to book a private group but do not have at least 10 players?

IF a PRIVATE GROUP DOES NOT HAVE 10 PLAYERS, but STILL WISHES to BOOK A PRIVATE GROUP, they can pay for 10 players, receive the paintballs for 10 players, and still reserve a private group with the standard Deposit. The cost would be $450 for the group of 10 or less and they would receive 5,000 paintballs for the 4 Hour Session and $750 for the all day session and they would receive 10,000 paintballs.

If we have to cancel our reservation, how far in advance do we have to let you know?

If you need to cancel your reservation or change it to another day, you must give EMR at least 24 hours prior notice by calling (570) 465-9622 and if necessary leave a message or you will forfeit the entire deposit to EMR to cover the time and expenses incurred by EMR to prepare for the group. Any group that does not show up with the minimum amount of players that they made the deposit for must still pay the Additional Money Owed for the Reserved amount of players and will still receive the 500 paintballs for each player that did not show up. EXAMPLE: If a group pays a deposit for 10 players of $149.50 which entitles each of the 10 players to 500 paintballs, Total 5000 Paintballs, and then shows up with only 8 players, they must pay the balance owed ( $300.50) for the Ten players and they will receive the 5000 Paintballs. This is due to the time, expense, and manpower used to prepare for the group size that was booked.

Can we stay overnight in a bunkhouse or campsite?

Yes, to STAY OVERNIGHT one or two consecutive nights in a bunkhouse, there is a modest one-time charge of $50 per bunkhouse plus a $50 security deposit that will be refunded after an inspection shows that there is no damage and the bunkhouse is clean. To STAY OVERNIGHT one or two consecutive nights on one or more campsites which are 20′ x 20′ each, there is a modest one-time $5 charge per campsite plus a $20 security deposit that will be refunded after an inspection shows that there is no damage and the campsite is clean. To stay overnight, the fees and deposits must be made at the time that the Reservation is placed which is on the Reservation Form and the group must be booked at least two weeks in advance. The deposit will be returned when the group is ready to leave if the bunkhouse and/or Campsite is clean and there is no damage. Deposits must be claimed before leaving the facility. The Bunkhouses are not heated. You may bring a Propane or Kerosene Heater for your use, however Electric Heaters are not permitted.

How can I make Check In go faster?

CHECK IN will go much faster if your group has their Waivers filled out and signed as well as their Rental Forms filled out and signed for any players needing Rental Equipment when they arrive at EMR.

What is the food situation at EMR?

EMR carries a variety of pre-prepared Hot Pockets, Sandwiches, Snacks & Beverages that can be purchased in the store that include Assorted Chips, Candy Bars, Peanuts, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Soda, Water, and Sports Drinks. HOT & COLD FOOD can also be ordered locally at numerous different restaurants within 10 minutes of EMR for Pickup by your group.

How does EMR accept payment?

NO PERSONAL CHECKS are ACCEPTED at EMR. Payment of Private Group Deposits may be made by Personal Check if received by EMR at least 2 weeks in advance of the Private Group Play Date.
CASH. MASTERCARD, and VISA are accepted at EMR at all times.
BUSINESS CHECKS are accepted only if pre-approved by EMR in advance or received at least 2 weeks in advance of play date.

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