October : 1st (1pm-5pm) and 15th (10am-4pm)

November : 12th (10am-4pm)

Open Play dates are subject to change due to weather and scheduling. Please Follow us on FaceBook for all up to date information.

For only $30 entry you can join us for our Paintball open play Sunday afternoons. Play on many of our world famous fields including Castle Crew, and Blue Town just to name a few. We run mini-scenarios games w/constant reinsertion, Capture the Flag games, Attack and Defend the Castle, Protect the President, and Total Elimination games on 1 or more of our fields at a time. We will even customize the games to meet your favorite style of play.

We will play various matches on different locations. The sides are selected completely at random. Each player will be selected chip out a bag and the ref will determine side selection by color and numbers. Each player will draw their own chip. (Teams and Groups are subject to get split up. This is not a team practice. Open plays are designed for everyone to have fun) Sides are reselected after every 2 matches so everyone will get a chance to play with or against each other to keep things fun and fair. ***First time players will stay with there person that showed up with.*** You can show up by yourself or a bunch of people you do not have to make any special arrangements. If you are planning on coming with 15 or more players please call us a couple days ahead of time so when can properly prepare for your arrival.

Cut off time for joining Open play is 2pm. We will not accept walk ons after 2pm as we can not guarantee there will be still people here to play or if it is a slow morning we will closed early not to burn up resources to stay open


$30 Entry-Includes Rental and Air and 500 Rounds (You may bring your own equipment)

$45 a case of 2000 rounds , $15 for a Bag of 500

For more info please contact us:

570 -465 -9622

For all up to date information on open plays and cancellations please like and follow us on facebook !