Rental Pricing

All Private Group sessions are available in 68 caliber or Low Impact .50 caliber. Your entire group must use the same caliber paintballs and equipment.

A single RENTAL FORM will be filled out for each private group and the organizer will be responsible for making sure that all rental equipment is turned back in by his group. To use the single form, one person must accept responsibility for all of the equipment and see to it that all equipment is returned in good shape. This person must provide a valid Credit Card and Photo Government Issued ID for the EMR staff to hold until all equipment is returned and checked in. Otherwise each individual in the group must fill out a separate Rental Form.

Quantities are limited and should be reserved in advance.

Rental Equipment Upgrades

Electronic Maker Upgrade:

Planet Eclipse ETHA with electronic feeder, Compressed Air Tank, and unlimited C/A. Want to be able to shoot faster? Upgrade today for only $20 more. Limited quantities
$20 rental upgrade

Camo Coveralls

To buy $ 7.00

Double Packs

Double Pack-Includes two pod holder, belt, and two 140 round pods
rental $ 5.00

Four Packs

Four Pack-Includes four pocket pod holder, belt, and four 140 round tubes
rental $ 10.00